Assassin’s Creed

This is a film based on the extremely popular game. The likes of Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Final Fantasy,  Doom, Double Dragon and Tekken, were all rather lame or average. Warcraft was, in my opinion, the only great game to movie adaptation. I am no gamer but appreciate good story telling irrespective of format and platform.

I went to see Assassin’s Creed without any expectations. I was pleasantly surprised – I thoroughly enjoyed it. The chase scenes were great. The story-telling and effects were layered and rich. The move through the different timelines were done really well and just enough information was given to make the story work at each point while still leaving enough room for mystery. Dialogue and acting was well scripted and directed. There have been many negative sentiments regarding this film which I do not understand but then again each person has their own criteria regarding what makes for good entertainment.

I would go and watch it again.

One comment on “Assassin’s Creed

  1. wolfstor says:

    Hi. Good review! Liked the movie as well. Action scenes were good. Fassbender was awesome. But the story was to generic for me. Not something I will remember in 3 years from now. Let’s see if they do a sequel.


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