REVIEW: The Hobbit – The battle of the five armies

The Lord of the Rings was undoubtedly a major cinematic success. Peter Jackson gained tremendous respect and recognition and then he decided to make the Hobbit movie. My apologies, the Hobbit movies. Peter’s greed is obvious,  why else will you take a story that is smaller than any part of the Lord of the Rings and make it three films long. The first Hobbit movie was slow but gave enough to keep it interesting. The second instalment was by far the best of the three with Smaug rightfully being awesome. The battle of the five armies was a waste of time and money: Smaug which was a major threat and the centre of this story was underplayed and anticlimactically removed. The movie was long and far removed from the book as far as I can recall. The were hints at back stories and plots but they all seemed too rushed and forced. The bit that was really disappointing was that according to the Hobbit film, the elves and wizards were all aware of the rising dark but this contradicts the events as depicted in The Fellowship of the Ring in which all major players are surprised to discover the growing threat.

In a greedy attempt to milk a cash-cow dry, Peter Jackson has done himself a disservice and I believe that many fans of the books and the Lord of the Rings films are rather disappointed. Currently rated highly by the critics I fear that most are judging this latest offering on the reputation and strength of it’s predecessors.