Ender’s Game – Book versus Movie

I finally watched “Ender’s Game” a few days after completing the book. I appreciated that much of the dialogue and the story remained the same but I found the movie to be rather boring and lacked any sense of threat which was prominent in the book. The fact that these children were bred as soldiers and had no real sense of childhood is not expressed in the film. Characters which were rather pivotal in the book were peripheral in the film. I totally understand that a film can never incorporate everything that is contained in a novel but I feel there was a lot more that could have been done in the film to real get the story to work. Sir Ben Kingsley is prominent on all promotions of the film yet his character in the film is a cameo. Harrison Ford who has a far greater appearance in the film is rather wooden. That said my girlfriend watched the film with me, having never read the book and she enjoyed the film.

Books still rule.

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