STAR TREK – INTO THE DARKNESS: Living long and prospering may prove difficult

STAR TREK – INTO THE DARKNESS, is quite aptly named if “the darkness” refers to the deep sleep this film will induce. The story is weak and the acting seems forced. The witty comments are ill-timed and ill-delivered. Hollywood has had too much “Twilight” and “Stephanie Meyer’s” influence seems to be poisoning much of Hollywood. This film is a long and boring bro-mance lacking the intense extra terrestrial encounters that  have been the core of the franchise. The “Klingons”, which are considerably among the most popular of the Star Trek aliens, make an insignificant cameo appearance and come of as little more then the bullies at the playground. With the 2009 “Star Trek” there was hope that new and exciting adventures and aliens awaited.  If “Into the Darkness” is anything to go by we may soon find the Star Trek franchise entering a dimension which no sentient being will ever visit.