That one shouldn’t take lightly.



These words hold immense power. They send forth a powerful energy into the universe. That power, that energy, is to be conserved and let out only in the most intense situation. Say it to often and the magic and power become ripples in an ocean instead of the giant wave it is destined to be.

Save that magic for the right moment and submerge yourself in its glory. 

Two Guys, a road-trip and a pretty place

A bucket list, we all have one though we call it something different – our list of things to do before we kick the bucket/croak/die. A road-trip with a good mate has for long been on my list. I can however check that off now. Agreeing to travel cross-country on a whim is not something I would generally do but when a friend needs assistance and the destination is Cape Town… one is hard-pressed to find an excuse not to. Our journey began before the crack of dawn on Good Friday 2013.  Driving out of Kwa Zulu – Natal in the dark required patience and navigation through horror movie mist. The most difficult part of the journey is that odd bit between the two beautiful coastal cousins… the Eastern Cape, clearly the neglected, issue riddled, country cousin. Most of the roads we were on in the Eastern Cape were under construction. The Moo Moos (cows), the Baa Baas (sheep) and the Maa Maas (goats) were interesting but after a couple thousand they went from being boutique to being wholesale. The odd hoarse, and even odder ass, were welcomed additions to the landscape. I dosed of on several occasions. I must admit to being the only person to ever have front row seats to the Emil (like Madonna and Cher – no surname) concert.  With genres ranging from Hip Hop to Indie Rock he succeeded in butchering it all.  The sound of shrieking, raped, cats aside the drive was fun nonetheless – filled with laughs and memories that make life worth it. Arriving in the Mother City was akin to a fairytale. As we rounded the mountains of Somerset West the clouds lifted and we were greeted with sunshine and a rainbow.  We also saw the ship being used for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 along the highway. We got to our destination and I couldn’t understand why I ever left this pretty place. Like an addict taking another hit I was giddy with joy.  Having no furniture to rest our weary selves on, we were lovingly invited to crash at a friends place. Crash is such an inappropriate word considering the great comfort we enjoyed but all that after a night on the town filled with abs-moulding laughs.  While in Cape Town old habits surfaced. Long walks on the promenade and to the city centre to soak up the vibe were a regular occurrence. Never got to climb the mountain again though as everyday was overcast or a tablecloth covered the mountain. Alas just the day before my departure the skies were clear but time was limited. I was lucky enough to experience an international live act that evening in a really cool spot. Thanks for the memories Friends and thank you Cape Town, you beautiful Mother… ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage