Tired of constantly having to add the unsightly pack of toilet rolls to your shopping trolley? Tired of the sense of judgment as you pass the toilet rolls to the cashier? Tired of the fussy or clumsy toilet roll holders that always seem to fall apart or malfunction when you need it the most? And you must be tired of battling to find the end of the toilet roll?

Well we have the solution to end those unnecessary worries.

Introducing the revolutionary new TT Deluxe. Incorporating the ancient knowledge of the Ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Chinese with modern technology, P. Freely  limited has produced this remarkable product that will change your ablutions experience. The TT Deluxe comes in a neat and elegant container that is suitable for both men and woman and the children in fact the TT Deluxe is clean and sleek that the it fits the taste of almost the whole family. No more hiding the toilet paper in the trolley. With TT Deluxe you can shop without the embarrassment. And its easy to use as well.

Place your TT Deluxe unit in a comfortablty accessible position in your lavatroy. Open the dry seal hatch for use and simply pick at the ultra soft and sensitive cleansing sheets as you need them.

But wait there is more. These cleansing sheets are not only  ultra soft and sensitive  but also comes in a range of fragrances and colours to fit your décor.

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