I held her naked body in my arms. The blood trickled down my chin
as I chewed on the chunk of flesh I ripped from her slender neck.
The freshness of the blood was invigorating. Her recent sexual climax
made her blood all the more delicious. It’s a rare delicacy, virgin
blood. The lovely donor in my arms was not dead yet. Beneath her
succulent bosom her heart still thumped a slow rhythm. What a waste of
GOD’s work for such a wonderful body to be wrapped in the garb of a
holy nun. Seducing her was such sweet pleasure. I stalked her as she
left the mission hospital and walked down the street to the church.
I love the fact that people believe that vampires are heathens – afraid
of GOD and the symbols of God. She brandished her silver crucifix in
my face in an attempt to frighten me off. I smiled and took her
hand. I placed a kiss on her her and saw her blood rush through her
body. It wasn’t long before I ripped off her habit and ripped through
her virginity like an animal.

I looked again at her dead body, her heart thumped its final beat.
I sat there covered in her blood. With every climax one needs a few
moments to regain composure. My arousal appeased I covered her body
with her habit and melted into the shadows.

2 comments on “VIRGIN BLOOD

  1. Gypsy Jangle says:

    i have no words. this is beautifully written.


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